Viral Spark Review and OTO by Mike Mckay et al.

Viral Spark

Viral Spark Review – Very awesome software in building traffic that can increase briefly and stably because these organic pathways require a special way.

The software comes to you in assisting the sales traffic problems that occur so that you can exit the drought zone.

A variety of tools and ways you might have tried, but don’t forget this one because it’s very different than others with the availability of many excellent features that you can instantly enjoy.

Starting you will be given how to create a quality and famous landing page to Monotize unlimited campaigns and much more that you will get, of course I will tell you more fully below.


Viral Spark Description



Name of Product

Viral Spark

Product Creator

Mike Mckay et al

Product Type

Cloud-Based Software

Launch Date

06 September 2019

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Guarantee Status

30 Days-Money Back Guarante

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Viral Spark is ?

Viral Spark is The World’s First & Only Multi Social Network Software That Generates Social Media Followers Via Viral Sharing, You can easily select a high converting landing page to grow your followers.

Then unlock the next page which creates an EXPLOSIVE community of followers for your social profiles…generating more traffic and engagement,

Then comes the main dish – after unlocking the page your subscriber is presented with a high converting sales offer – generating an immediate deluge of commissions, This generates affiliate commissions and grows your customer list on AUTOPILOT…

Have Viral Spark go to work for you today and start generating monster profits by putting this most powerful sales medium on STEROIDS!


What are the Features ?

This features the Viral Spark’s flagship, below:

  • Generate VIRAL Landing Pages

Description And leverage other people’s followers to engage and drive traffic to your offers.

  • Build Your Email Lists

Description So you can keep growing that cash making engine.

  • Automatically Generate TARGETED Followers

Description The software finds people that will follow you…it’s simple, and super-effective.

  • Monetize Traffic In Any Way You Wish

Description With easy integration of affiliate offers, CPA, eCom products and much more.

  • Works In Any Niche

Description Generate leads and commissions in ANY niche online and offline!

  • Run UNLIMITED Campaigns

Description Run unlimited campaigns with Viral Spark to guarantee Earth-shattering result!

  • Fully Cloud-Based

Description Viral Spark is fully-automated running on ‘set & forget’ technology!

  • Generate FREE Leads Daily

Description Viral Spark will generate unlimited FREE leads daily!


Why you should buy This Product ?

If you buy this product there are many benefit that you will get the benefit are?

  • Your Own Viral Landing Page : Requiring social media handle to activate Shows referral numbers of others who’ve joined from referrer Auto-directs to Step 2 when step is completed.
  • Landing Page : Requires to follow # of profiles to activate system Random profiles presented to follow Auto-directs to Step 3 when step is completed.
  • Ability For “Upline” To Capture The Email Addresses Generated By Their Downline : Achieve a massive subscribers’ list through activating the system – both through your landing pages and the ones who have activated their landing page through yours. This is list building, as hands free as it will ever get.
  • Integration With Either IG/Pinterest/YouTube/Twitter : Social media is super hot and the best way there is to generate traffic. Viral Spark integrates with the major social media platforms, thereby gaining you followers, leads and traffic on autopilot. Prepare to be amazed!
  • Integration With Zapier : No need to invest in high-tech expensive complicated software. Viral Spark will do all the heavy lifting for you through our integration with Zapier, the world’s leading integration software.


Who is recommended to use Viral Spark ?

People who should buy and use this Viral Spark: There are many ways you can do to increase traffic including 3 which is very compatible with this software:

Paid Ads : Google AdWords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, or any other network that you have to pay money for traffic.

Social : Real people sharing and engaging with your content both on your web site and on Facebook/Twitter/ YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest ,etc.

SEO/Organic : Link building and on-page optimization that can earn you penalties from Google.


How to use this Viral Spark ?

There is a simple way to use this product.

Step 1: Activate – Access the software and get ready to go viral.

Step 2: Trigger – Get the viral landing pages, followers and profiles in motion.

Step 3: Profit – Your List and Social Followers EXPLODE which brings you more leads and sales.

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Pros and Cons


  • Creates “viral” Landing Pages
  • Members follow others’ profiles
  • Generates followers to your social media
  • Build your list on auto-pilot


  • Presents self liquidating offers
  • Integrates with 1 social media platform
  • 500 followers / 500 leads
  • Creates a wave of traffic


Viral Spark Prize and Upsell

  •  OTO 1 ($37.00)

MAX Version Description You will ger :

  • All of the Front End features
  • Enhanced ability to download leads
  • Integration with 4 social media platforms, instead of 1
  • 1000 followers / 1000 leads
  • Lead capture with Zapier
  •  OTO 2($37.00)

Club Version Description unlimited followers and subscribers

  1.  OTO 3($67.00)

Agency Version Description 100% commission across the funnel


Viral Spark Conclusion

There are so many benefits that you will get to wait for what else soon to have and feel the difference and the better change you will get.

This product gives you a huge Bonus through a distributor; Make sure you call our email contact by attaching a proof of purchase so that we can grant you free access to the bonus.

Some of the exciting bonuses you’ll get are YouTube crashes, YouTube selebrity, get Google traffic, basic backlinks and many more.

Thank you for visiting the website of my review, I hope this article is useful and can realize your dreams.

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