The Fame Jacking Review and OTO by Nate Fancher

the fame jacking

The Fame Jacking Review – Social media is one of the most effective means for you to market your products.

Most of the time teenagers are now used to look at social media and it is a huge opportunity especially many social media platforms that make room for advertisements such as Facebook or Instagram. You need to realize that building a branding self-social media to get thousands of followers and loyal customers is not very easy.

According to research says that you will need for a year and even years to improve your branding organically by relying solely on very good content and proper hashtags.

It’s very long and requires consistent effort and hard work to achieve, but you don’t need to spend that time because your branding will increase in a very short time even 10 times in 3 days and it’s not Limited by this method.

It’s interesting! Do not worry this is not a bot account also this is not the buying or selling of followers or traffic that is not organic. This method is very organic and legal so that it can promote your branding and cause your followers as well as your customers to increase drastically, I will explain in more detail below, stay tune.


The Fame Jacking Description



Name of Product

The Fame Jacking Method

Nate Fancher Name

Nate Fancher

Product Type

marketing social media course

Launch Date

06 august 2019

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30 Days-Money Back Guarante

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The Fame Jacking is ?

The Fame Jacking is an eBook, audio book, and training videos that teach you the complete 16 part “Fame Jacking” system to grow thousands of real organic followers on Instagram and monetize your audience with affiliate marketing.


What are the Features ?

This features the The Fame Jacking Method’s flagship, below:

  • eBook

Description was included :

  1. The complete method. No stone unturned
  2. 16 Primer System for growing fast
  3. Visuals with step by step instructions
  4. Apply the method and see results!
  • Audio Version

Description was included :

  1. For all my non readers
  2. Listen from any device
  3. Some entertaining extras included
  • Members Area

Description was included :

  1. Lifetime access to The Fame Jacking and future updates
  2. Supplementary training videos on the 16 growth primers
  3. Executive Mafia Review and Access
  • VIDEO: “The 4 Musts Of Fame Jacking”

Description was included :

  1. Swiped from our flagship program “Audience Business Blueprint”.
  2. Learn the 30,000 foot strategy that makes Fame Jacking work
  3. Avoid the mistakes most people make on Instagram


Why you should buy This Product ?

  • No more looking at a dead social media profile!
  • No more hacks or grinding away for years with the follow/unfollow strategy.
  • No more chasing down potential clients. With this they
  • will come to you!
  • Grow a valuable source of warm traffic for any offer!
  • Receive hundreds of DMs from new followers and fans asking for your help and advice.
  • Monetize your audience with affiliate marketing, your
  • own products/services, or flip theme pages for a profit.


the fame jacking

Who is recommended to use The Fame Jacking ?

You’d get an attractive social media profile pic and simply start connecting with people and adding regular content to your feed.

In the beginning of Instagram you could grow thousands of followers just from good content and targeted Hashtags.

But things changed.

Unless you knew someone who was a big influencer who could shout you out, or you had the patience to work every day for a whole year, growing organically on social media marketing for the little guy seemed impossible.

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Pros and Cons


great for newbies with zero experience


  • No buying fake followers
  • No paid advertising
  • No dodgy ig bot software


The Fame Jacking Prize and Upsell

  •  OTO 1 ($27.95 – $17.95/DownSell)

Instagram Money Power Pack Description The IG money power pack includes 3 proven funnels that work on Instagram along with video training for how to easily set the DFY funnels up.


  •  OTO 2($37.00 – $27.00/DownSell)

Instagram Influencer Fast Track Case Studies Description Learn directly from other top influencers in these powerful case studies. These pages have a combined following of over 1 million followers on Instagram. Your customers will get high level strategies for how to grow massively and monetize more quickly than they thought possible.


  •  OTO 3($297.00 – $97.00/DownSell(ABB only))

Audience Business Blueprint Bundle & 30 Day DFY Fame Jacking Kickstart Description Here your customers will get 30 days of “done for you” engagement and growth implemented for them by my team. We will grow their page for them for a full month! They will also get access to the most affordable content creators so they can outsource the content creation part of FJM.

Audience Business Blueprint is an online program that covers a more exhaustive look at building an audience on Instagram – with over 30 advance training videos teaching your customers to monetize their Instagram page, they will have every money making strategy they need for Instagram.

Included in this bundle is another course on how to design posts that go viral using Canva called Psychology Design Masterclass. I teach your customers how to wield the power of Gestalt Psychology to persuade their followers on social media to like, comment, and share their posts.

Members of this level will also be qualified to get 60% commissions on all the up-sells of the Fame Jacking funnel after the launch for life…


  • OTO 4 ($97.00)

License Rights Description Your customers can resell FJM and get 100% commissions across the funnel  (OTO #3 not included).


The Fame Jacking Conclusion

You’ll merely create what we call an Instagram Niche page and utilize The Fame Jacking you’re going to learn.

Once you’re ready, you can also turn it into a business and begin making money quickly.

But you have to do things the right way, or you’ll shoot yourself in the foot. Don’t make this process slower than it has to be!

The 16 step system built into Fame Jacking are the foundational primers to get you pumped up and ready to grow a massive audience on Instagram.

Thank you for visiting the website of my review, I hope this article is useful and can realize your dreams.

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Huge Bonus from The Fame Jacking Method

  • Bonus 1 | 10K Every Month High Ticket Training

Description it was included :

  1. The “Make Money Online” industry EXPOSED
  2. Learn How to use Fame Jacking with high ticket sales
  3. Bank easy $1,000 commissions every day
  4. High impact video training
  • Bonus 2 | VIDEO: “Coke’s Masterful Marketing Secret Revealed”

Description it was included :

  1. How Coca-Cola gets in the heads of millions
  2. Copy their entire brand strategy on Instagram
  3. How their content built an empire, serving 1.9 billion servings per day
  • Bonus 3 | VIDEO: “Will Smith Interview On The Power Of Story”

Description it was included :

  1. How story makes your content matter
  2. The four traits of every hero
  3. How to do storytelling and not infotelling